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V i d e o    S a m p l e s

Harold Lloyd's  GIRL SHY (1924)             The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection            New Line Home Entertainment

Laurel & Hardy–Eye Poking Frenzy

A marvelous scene from



The Manhunt

The dazzling opening chase from

Charlie Chaplin​'s




Love Theme

A tender moment from

THE RACKET (1928)​

Directed by Lewis Milestone


Music as Dialogue

A brilliantly directed and acted sequence

from Tod Browning's THE BLACKBIRD (1926)​

With Lon Chaney and Renée Adorée

The Invisible Orchestra

This is a piece about creating a

music score for recording.


The Final Struggle

The fight in the castle from

Rex Ingram's THE MAGICIAN (1926)

with Paul Wegener

Into the Depths

A scene from Buster Keaton's



In Hell

A vision of Hell come to life from

Rex Ingram's THE MAGICIAN (1926)

with Paul Wegener and Alice Terry

Spinning Out of Control

A fascinating montage by the great

director, F.W. Murnau.

PHANTOM (1922)​


Musical Comparison

Comparing scoring technique with a

scene from Josef von Sternberg's


with Emil Jannings

Theme & Variation

A short essay on using a theme and orchestrating a variation. The sequence is from George Hill's TELL IT TO THE MARINES (1926)​, starring Lon Chaney



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